We make taxi services
simple and safe!
Our mission is to set the new standards of the taxi service quality through global innovative technologies, when the interests of all market players are served and safeguarded.
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The world taxi market faces the problem: the pricing policy is ruled by large aggregators. It leads to systematic dumping and high percent rates for drivers. Consequently professional drivers lose their interest in such ways of collaboration which ends up in the drop in the services quality.

Taxi drivers save on technical condition costs and customers' safety.

We've made a P2P platform which allows taxi drivers and taxi passengers decide on the form and terms of their interaction THEMSELVES.

It's the way to fair market competition.
How it works
It's a passenger who decides on the taxi fare. Also he can choose from the given range or set his own fare
Taxi order is first seen by nearby drivers. If no one of them says 'Yes, I can', then an order becomes available to the other drivers
Drivers can agree to the fare or suggest their variants
A passenger chooses a taxi driver from those who responded
To make the choice easier our app shows drivers' profiles, rating, serving time, and car brand
All the interaction and communication (if necessary) takes place in the app chat or you can make a call. The communication is anonymous for a customer
What we have now
The mobile app is developed. It has successfully gone through the testing in 15 cities of Russia
More than $350 000 has already been spent for app development and project promotion
The suggested business model has already proved fast cost recovery and payback
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Using the innovative technologies for online assessment of a driver's health indicators
Introduction of remote diagnostics technology for checking car technical state
Monitoring the compliance of driving manner with the traffic regulations
Freight Taxi
Ordering vehicles with carrying capacity up to 1.5 tons
Intercity Taxi
'5 Min Cab' offers a service of affordable long distance transportation
Children's Taxi
A service for safe and comfortable children's transportation with or without accompanying parents
Taxi Sharing
'5 Min Cab' customers can safely share their taxi trips with other clients which significantly reduces the costs
Why '5 Min Cab' needs a blockchain
The blockchain is responsible for executing such an important function as automatic remote storage for medical and technical monitoring of every vehicle.
The result is our customers' increased security.

The blockchain technology also makes the trip history and compliance with the traffic regulations data storage available in an anonymous manner.
What's an investor's interest
Investment income
based on the rise in token cost
% of company income
diversely, according to the number of held tokens
Ready mobile app
and effective business model
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Q2 2018
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Private PreSale
Max amount of tokens
Max amount of tokens
Max amount of tokens
1 000 000 FМС
1 000 000 FМС
4 380 000 FМС
Bonus by agreement, depending on the amount of investment
1,19 $
Bonus 20%
1,19 $
Token distribution
The campaign is considered successful when collecting $350'000, which is Softcap of ICO, the minimum amount required to launch and service marketing in the first planned large city.
Sergey Zakharov

Has extensive experience in developing large-scale software complexes. Started developing on assembler in OS MVT (IBM 360/370) and UNIX System V in the middle of the 80s.
From the middle of the 90s Sergey is an entrepreneur (various spheres) and investor.
Alexander Osipov

Has solid experience in adjusting and setting analog and digital circuits. In the middle of the 80s calculated operation modes of IBM 360/370 elements and chains, and IBM peripheral equipment.
Starting from the 90s Alexander is a serial entrepreneur.

Ilya Seleznev

Has over 10 year experience in managing transport enterprises, both in freight and passenger transportation spheres.
Project team
Dmitriy Yakovuk
Technical Director
20 years of experience in software development, 15 years of which is team management. Used to work as a developer and instructor, occupied diverse positions in versatile teams. Familiar with the processes of developing software products better than anyone else.
Alexander Furnica
Chief Web Developer
7 years in web development. Specialist in web technologies with the experience of developing a wide range of software solutions. Author of open-source PHP framwork Quark.
Yury Zurkan
Android Developer
Specialist who knows and loves the platform he works with. Substantially trained and experienced in the sphere of corporate development based on Java. Participated in developing solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Vasiliy Uzun
iOS Developer
As it can be expected from all iOS developers, sophisticated in developing the most complicated, inventive, and intricate interface solutions designed for mobile apps. Perfect in both Objective C and Swift. Author of several CocoaPods app extensions.
Sergey Stankevich
Big Data Advisor
Software Developer at Ceridian Canada Toronto
Vivekanandhan Perumal
Big Data Advisor
Sr Software Developer,
Ceridian Canada, Toronto
Nick Osipov
Finance Advisor
Financial Advisor at Workforce Bank Limited (London). WFB Limited is an independent investment and management consultancy representing interests of new European businesses.
5MIN.Cab itself is not a licensed taxi provider. Any taxi activity will be done in cooperation
with the licensed taxi companies on local markets.The company is building a global
blockchain-based platform, enabling social proofing to be conducted in numerous ways across different industries.

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